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Luxury leather shoe restoration service. Treating scuffs and scratches on designer
leather shoes using traditional methods including beeswax. 



Leather Shoe Restoration Service

Nothing beats the feeling of slipping your feet into a handmade pair of luxury leather shoes. And that’s especially true if they’ve been made just for you.

But stains, scuffs, scratches, and general wear and tear can spoil the look of the leather, leaving your favourite shoes consigned to the back of the closet.

We can help. At Robornes, we provide leather repair, cleaning and restoration services for high end designer and handmade leather shoes, using traditional handcrafting methods and the finest beeswaxes available.

The result? Luxury leather shoes you can wear and enjoy for a lifetime. 


Leather Shoe History

We all love a beautifully made leather shoe. Even our ancestors, living between the Neolithic and Bronze ages, opted for a comfortable one-piece foot covering made from cowhide.

The benefits of leather

So what’s the appeal of leather when it comes to shoes?

Throughout the centuries, leather has always been readily available. And it can be easily shaped, moulded, stitched and made waterproof. 



Handcrafted Leather Restoration

All leather shoes or boots are carefully hand restored by experienced craftsmen. Please note, we only restore the leather. We don’t replace soles or carry out restitching.


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    We have over 30 years’ experience in luxury leather shoe restoration and are well known for our care and attention to detail.


    At Robornes, we use traditional methods to replicate how your shoes were made originally and use the same tools, techniques and waxes that have been used for more than 100 years.... Read More

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